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This is how you post a picture

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Joined: 17 Dec 2004
Posts: 1019
Location: Long Island, NY

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:11 pm    Post subject: This is how you post a picture Reply with quote

I hope that this post will be helpful to anyone who wants to post pictures here at Machinjunkie so lets get started with quick description of the process and then we will get into the specifics.

1- You need to begin by having the pictures on your computer

2-The pictures will then have to be uploaded to the internet where they can be accessed by the public (you will have to provide the storage space)

3-Finally you will have to embed those images into your post at Machinejunkie.

Now lets get specific. The one piece of the puzzle that you may not have is the server space on the internet. There are many ways to satisfy this requirement but I am going to focus on a free solution. There are many free image hosting services out there-I have decided to work with photobucket. I am scared of “free” services on the internet but after some quick research it seemed to be legit. I encourage you to decide for yourself as there are countless choices. I did my research on free-webhosts and here is their specific review of Photobucket. Many ISPs offer web hosting at no extra charge but I have to say if you are a first time picture poster the free services make it very easy

This is the registration page at Photobucket and I only show it because after completing it I was asked to provide some extra information. It turns out I was about to enroll in an “Electronic College”. This was the only sketchy part of setting up my account and let it serve as a reminder that free sites like these make their money from advertising. This has been my only negative experience with Photobucket.
Once your account is set up you login just as you would at any website and then you are find your way to you album. You will now see a window that looks like this

If you click on the browse button you can navigate your way to the picture that you want to upload. Everyone has different computers, software and habits so you will quickly develop a technique that works for you. I copied the pictures I wanted to upload to a folder on my desktop. Once I clicked on the browse button in the above picture it was very easy to find my pictures. If I had not taken this step I would have been hopelessly lost trying to find my original images from within my huge photo library. If you have multiple images to upload you can specify how many and the window will change to look like this

It is a little clumsy but it works. Once you have “Browsed” your way to the photos you will then have to “Submit” them by pressing the appropriate button. Photobucket will now resize your images and upload them to your album.

Now for the part that Photbucket does very well. They display each picture in your album and give each picture a unique address ready to use at Machinejunkie. Each picture will have information like the one below.

We are interested in the information in the bottom line. Please copy all of the information in the IMG: line. You will now need to paste that information into your post at Machinejunkie on it own line. You will know you have copied the text correctly if it starts and ends with [IMG]. It should look like this.

Please note how the highlighted text is on its own line. That should do it. I am very curios to know if these directions work so please post your experience. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing some pictures

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004
Posts: 1691
Location: New York State

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fantastic explanation, thanks Nico.

One thing to add is that keeping your photos at 600 px wide and under will prevent the threads from growing overly wide , thus keeping a nice and tidy forum.

To achieve this width you may need to resize your photos before uploading them to the web.

OK great lets see some pics.

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004
Posts: 258
Location: Georgetown Station, New York

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks nico

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Joined: 17 Dec 2004
Posts: 1019
Location: Long Island, NY

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There have been some large pictures posted recently and I thought I should write up a photobucket solution. It is not difficult to do but I ended up having trouble getting the size to stick (I think Dadude said he had the same problem). I ended up dope slapping myself when I figured out what the problem was but before I go there lets start where we left off in the other post.

You should now be familiar with the Photobucket 'Home' page. You will have to resize the images one by one so pick one and click on the edit button

You will now be taken to an edit page. This page will display some very usefull information. It looks like this

Just above the picture will be the size of the image. This picture was 1536 X 2048 on my computer and Photobucket resized it to 768 X 1024 while it was being uploaded. This is still a bit too big for posting on the forum. An ideal size would be to have the larger number between 600 and 800.

Let's change the size lets start by clicking on the radio button next to the 75% of original button. This will reduce this image to 576 X 768 which should be on the large side of perfect. A note of caution if you are not sure about the size you want take baby steps because you can not make the image bigger- only smaller.

We are not done yet and this is where I made a mistake. I clicked on the update button and was surprised to see that the image did not change size. It turns out that I should have clicked on the resize button but I did not see it because it was scrolled off the page (this is when I administered a dope slap to myself).

That is it. If you have already used the big picture in a post it will now reflect the smaller size- no further work is required.

Thanks for your help in keeping your pictures appropriately sized- It makes a big difference in the flow of the threads.
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Joined: 30 Aug 2007
Posts: 3
Location: New York

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:30 pm    Post subject: OK, Reply with quote

Got it pete,
Sorry didn't see the thread ~ great explanation
Mr. Oliver 20C
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